Business Intelligence and Analytics

We offer comprehensive Business Intelligence Solutions and Services that rely on authentic facts to identify the underlying patterns in the data. This provides an actionable insight to steer your business in the desired direction by giving predictive and forecasting analysis. With our data visualization solutions, you could plan ahead for the future in a productive manner.

We offer:

  • Evaluate the current tools and processes and then formulate a business intelligence strategy
  • Ability to run high-performance analytics
  • Enable customers to handle data with easy access to reports
  • Incorporate machine learning and data visualization with minimal cost

Data Warehouse Services

Our team leverages collaborative & iterative methodologies to deliver Data warehouse consulting, implementation, and support services. Our team enables organizations to identify, extract, manage and analyze data to take critical business decisions. Our Datawarehouse services encompass

Our certified consultants build data warehouse structures that are fully compliant with the unique business needs of each organization and are developed after conducting extensive JAD sessions with the business stakeholders. The information obtained is thoroughly analyzed with the current and future data sources. Our team shall also take into consideration the types of data to be stored and analyzed (structured or unstructured).
  • As a first step, our team creates a data model and implements the data warehouse or the wholesome solution consisting of a data marts, data warehouse, ETL (extract, transform, load) processes, and online analytical processing cubes.
  • To meet the project management triage, our team shall apply the most relevant of software development life cycle models like Iterative, Incremental, Scrum, Kanban, or Waterfall.
  • Upon successful implementation and Rollout, Fint provides support services that are aimed to ensure that the data warehouse remains the foundation for valuable insights (i.e., ETL processes are running correctly, data quality management is in place, new KPIs are calculated).


As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Fint supports and develops applications developed on Microsoft technology stack. Our team is capable of combining the power of Microsoft’s data platform, Azure SQL Database, and advanced analytics.

Our qualified consultants help you utilize all the data, manage, and maintain it, as well as get required insights to accelerate the business growth of our customers.


As a Microsoft partner, Fint uses SQL Server Analytic Services (SSAS) component to create Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) or tabular data model that can be utilized by data visualization tools.

Data Mining and Data Modeling are an integral part of the workflow. Our delivery model provides a thorough functional and technical approach to analyze what data is pertinent to the business on a large-scale or/and at a granular level, while seamlessly integrating with data sources and destinations available on myriad platforms.


Fint has experience in developing and implementing solutions using Snowflake’s cloud data platform. This platform provides a high-performance and near-zero management solution, with unlimited scalability and flexibility for every analyst. On account of its unique architecture, and computing power dedicated to individual workloads, this tool make it possible for numerous users to analyze the data with no hinderances.

ETL Tools

We utilize the Extract–Transform–Load (ETL) tools for the extraction of data from several sources, its cleansing, customization, reformatting, integration, and insertion into a data warehouse. ETL is much easier and faster to use when compared to the traditional methods of moving data which involve writing conventional computer programs.
ETL tools contain graphical interfaces which speed up the process of mapping tables and columns between the source and target databases. Fint has experience in using the following tools. ETL tools can collect, read, and migrate data from multiple data structures and across different platforms and perform tasks like filtering, reformatting, sorting, joining, merging, and aggregation.


  • Our certified consultants have immense experience using the Microsoft’s SSIS tool, which is designed for complex data integration and transformation, allowing the ability to handle complex data. SSIS allows integration among a myriad of data sources including XML, relational data-sources, and flat-files With data structure flexibility provided with SSIS, Fint consultants can transform data from the existing data platforms into a consumable structure for SSIS
  • Fint provides Database development that includes Database Design and Development utilizing stored procedures, Data Migration and ETL development utilizing SSIS integration.
  • Fint’s expertise with ETL and data delivery across various data sources and services allows us to provide comprehensive reporting solutions with SSIS.


Fint has consultants with immense experience in building data warehouses for varied environments and implementing ETL processes encompassing complex systems. Our Solution architects make use of the available technologies and proven methodologies to deliver implementation services in the most cost- effective way on time and within budget. We collaborate with the customers in making sure that the data is accessible to enhance the efficiency and efficacy in data transformation and allowing immense flexibility by connecting and fetching data from multiple sources, process the data, extract it to derive priceless insights.

Dashboard & Visualization (Reporting Services)

Fint can support organizations in the development of visualization solutions ground up. Our team starts with gathering the business requirements, and subsequently design a relevant conceptual solution and recommend the technology stack. Fint has experience in using the following tools

Fint understands that an implementation can be called successful only when the business users are able to access all information, they need to make informed decisions. This is one of the primary reasons, why Fint has a dedicated team focusing on building effective BI dashboards. Reporting tools that we have experience are -


By imbibing a full-service business intelligence delivery and maintenance model, Fint brings exceptional services that incudes analysis, implementation, training, and maintenance/support activities. Our team makes sure that SSRS helps the managements in making critical decisions through the generation of intelligent reports.

Power BI

Fint has an experienced team that has the required capabilities to create reports using Microsoft Power BI, which is one of the most powerful data visualization software. Our team can create reports that empowers our customers to transform their raw data into valuable information. Our team’s experience and the inherent business intelligence capabilities allows the creation of visually stunning dashboards that excels in transforming raw data into meaningful information.


Fint consultants provide services using Tableau data visualization tool. Our team has experience in the creation of visualizations that are generated as dashboards and worksheets. Our team has the capability in creating dashboards that provide actionable insights and drives the business forward. Fint has provided numerous implementations using Tableau and created interactive visualizations, deployed data drilling tools, and explore the data that is available across varied sources.
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