Adoption of "DevOps" practice enhances the software application performance, provides flexibility and agility through transformation of the development, delivery, and maintenance processes. DevOps adds value in terms of reduced time-to-market and better quality due to continuous testing thereby eliminating post-deployment issues.

Through the implementation of DevOps practices, teams comprising of cross-functional experts work in collaboration and coordination to improve the delivery within a shorter span, enhance the functionality, and innovation.

Key benefits of DevOps implementation are:

  • Continuous quality assurance testing and delivery with short cycle times and feedback loops
  • Transparency across the entire development life cycle
  • Frequent releases
  • Process Automation of the key functional areas
  • Improved productivity and efficiency of the overall development chain through structured processes and resource optimization
  • Minimal issues - Higher quality output and better availability of applications
  • Higher return on investment

Change & Release Automation

Our team has the experience in transforming the way our customers manage their enterprise systems, enabling fast, safe delivery of change that sets your business apart. To know our process,

Fint personnel have the capabilities to add value efficiently through Change and Release Automation. Automation eliminates the routine manual processes, deliver change quickly and safely, and improve deployment across the release lifecycle. Our process imbibes control, transparency and governance that enables customer stakeholders to achieve their core business objectives with lower risk, effort, and cost, allowing them to focus on activities that bring more value to the business. Advantages of our process are
  • Minimal errors, issues, and downtime
  • Eliminates manual effort completely through automation of all critical processes
  • Ability to adapt to change quickly
  • Minimizing the cost of implementing change
  • Managing projects more efficiently and effectively
  • Complete end to end transparency

Continuous Delivery through the adoption of DevOps

Our experts transform the conventional processes and approach to develop, test and deploy with a quicker turnaround time. To know our process,

  • Rapid Innovation
  • Reduction of manual effort
  • Minimizing costs
  • Enhanced value through value added services
  • Embrace quality improvements continuously

DevOps Implementation Process

Fint starts with an existing system that uses manual processes for development and deployment. Using our three-step Dev-Ops implementation process, we identify those repetitive tasks that need to be automated. Post-automation, we create standard operating procedures ( SOPs) to manage and optimize all development and release activities. By this, we create a self-sustaining environment with continuous improvement processes. To know our process,

We aim to synchronize processes between the dev teams and operations teams to enhance their respective process efficiencies. Our Dev-Ops implementation process involves:
  • Assessment - Gap analysis to identify the areas for process improvement, automation opportunities, and set the metrics, strategy and roadmap.
  • Technology Selection - Recommend the architecture and the most appropriate technology/tools for automation and/or cloud-adaptation
  • Development & Testing – Standardize processes, run POCs, establish and automate all processes starting from build to release
  • Implementation - Implement the developed software to seamlessly and securely integrate with the existing tools and check the performance of the DevOps transformation.
  • Network Sensitivity Test - to evaluate limitations and network activity within WAN.
  • Maintenance – Continuous monitoring and measurement against set metrics, establish continuous improvement procedures


We have experts with experience in using leading open source and commercial DevOps Tools in order to automate and measure the performance of continuous delivery pipeline.
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